Do I need a permit for my sign?

In most cases, yes! Typically, if the sign is electrical or mounted to the building, permits are required.  Depending on the height or overall size of the sign, your sign may also require engineering.


What are engineering fees for?

Engineering is required to design and build the sign in a safe manner. Any sign over 6 feet tall or over 36 square feet total will require drawings/plans that display and structural details to meet California and federal safety standards. Engineering fees for any contractor are an unknown until the project is actually presented to the PE Engineer's desk for stamping. Depending on project complexity, the cost ranges from several hundred to a few thousand dollars. This is a pass-thru cost and all receipts for the services will be provided to you upon approval.


What are permit and permit procurement fees?

Any services UDG Projects or agents that are hired to file for required permits will charge a fee to file for permits, required inspections, etc. The fees cover all of the artwork, shop drawings, and the labor involved in these services.  Permit fees vary by city/county and can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, depending on project complexity.


What does “site must be install ready” mean?

The area where the sign is to be installed must be free of obstructions/debris, existing signage removed if not included in scope of work and have applicable electrical wiring within 6 feet ready for our team to install on the date all parties agree on (usually including the General Contractor, developers and or city and property owner/landlord).


How much electricity does a sign use?

A sign’s electrical consumption is based on a few factors:

  • Size of the sign display or letters
  • Power supply
  • The light source such as LED, Florescent High Output lamps and ballasts, or good old-fashioned incandescent bulbs (which are not industry standard).

Modern signs are illuminated using LED technology which is efficient, has a relatively long-life span and is super bright. United Design Group uses (NG) brand LED Technology in a majority of its projects which are proven to be of high quality, bright and create a nice, crisp color using an average of 10 amps.


Does your company design logos or can you design a logo for me? 

UDG can take your existing business card or artwork and turn it into an eye-catching sign for you. We can also design a logo and sign for you as a service that will remain yours after the sign or display is custom built and installed.


What is digital printing?

Digital printing is a process of printing that uses laser technology to print in full color on many different materials or substrates. It uses light to apply the ink to the surface, creates a nice clean print that dries quickly, is UV resistant (i.e., not prone to fading) and is great for both indoor and outdoor applications.


I’m a new small business owner just starting out. Do you offer financing?

United Design Group works with special financing partners that will work directly with the customer in determining their financing needs. The financing also includes a full insurance policy for the project and offers low-cost affordable payments which allows you to purchase the exact product or sign you will need to help your small business grow!